Fundraising ideas


From promoting your event, to creating unique money-making ideas, here are some ways to get people involved, and get the donations rolling in.

1. Set up your online fundraising page

Set up your Girls’ Night In online fundraising page and make it easy for everyone to donate, both before and at your event. Even if some guests can’t attend, why not ask them to donate to your page to support your event and the cause.

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2. Set a fundraising goal

Think about a realistic goal you would like to hit with your fundraising and share your target with your friends. Knowing how much you’re hoping to raise will give your friends a sense of how much they should donate to help you reach your goal.

3. Kick-start your fundraising

Nobody wants to be first, so make a contribution to your own fundraising page to get the ball rolling. Your guests will soon follow.

4. Spread the word

Share your online fundraising page with friends via Facebook and email. Don’t forget to keep guests up-to-date with details of your event and your progress as you near your goal.

5. Remind people to donate

As your event approaches, remind your guests they can visit your online fundraising page and donate online anytime, or pass around a donation box on the night.

6. Approach your employer

Ask your employer to match the amount you raise at your event to double your fundraising total.

7. Fundraising boosters

If you want to raise even more money on the night, you could hold a raffle, auction or a quiz. Try approaching local businesses to donate prizes for your event.


Show your guests how their donations will help make a real difference. Download our ‘how your money helps’ poster and put it up at your event. Feel free to share a personal story and tell your guests why you got involved.