TENILLE - Busy mums put the fun in fundraising

For Tenille, Girls’ Night In isn’t just about raising money for a good cause and supporting women with cancer, it’s a chance to take time out from being a busy mum to catch up with all her friends.

The main theme of the two events she has hosted so far is to have fun. "Life is so busy. Girls' Night In is my way of getting my closest twenty-or so girls together to stop, connect, have a night 'off' and support a great cause," Tenille says.

She asks her guests to pay a $30 entry fee, either on the night or via her fundraising page, and has a DIY manicure station, board games, food and music, as well as a raffle with some pamper prizes. There is also a clothes swap, with guests asked to bring clothes or accessories they don’t want any more and make small donations to “buy” them from one another.

Gentle reminders to guests via social media to bring their purses helped prepare people to donate generously, according to Tenille.

"Everyone of us has either been personally affected or has known someone who has been. It was such a nice way for all of us to be able to share these stories and know that we were all part of changing the impact women's cancers have on women."

Tenille’s top fundraising tips

• Make donating easy. “Have an iPad or laptop handy with your fundraising page set up for those who may have forgotten cash.”

• Make it a team effort. “Ask for help! Whether it's sharing the catering load – my besties brought antipasto platters, sweets, hot pastries and fruity punch beverages – creating a playlist or asking for contacts for prizes, I found sharing party-planning made my Girls' Night In so much easier to organise.”

• Stay in touch. “I sent a Facebook message pre-event to let the girls know what was on offer so they would be prepared to part with whatever cash they could, and followed up with a message afterwards to let them know just how much they contributed - somehow, we raised over $1200!”