Planning your event

Planning your event

Congratulations, you’ve registered to be a host! Now to make sure your event runs super smoothly, here are a few tips to help you out:


First up, pick a date for your event and a location. October is the official month for Girls’ Night In, so feel free to hold your event anytime in October. Think of a theme, activity or idea for your night. Here are some thought-starters and inspiration. Also check out #ourgirlsnightin on Instagram to see what other hosts are doing. Your Host Kit should arrive in the mail shortly, which also has some great ideas inside. Pinterest is also a great place to get inspired.


Start inviting all the lovely ladies in your life. You could stick to just close friends or open it up to work-mates, family, neighbours and friends-of-friends.  Be sure to let them know the date, time, place, theme, dress-code and what to bring. There are plenty of ways you could go about inviting them to your event:

- Send out invites from your fundraising page by logging in here

- Set up a Facebook event page

- Get fancy and create your own invitations to send or email

- Print off or email our easy editable invitations by downloading them here

- Keep it casual and simply let them know to save-the-date by phone, email or in person


Right, time to collect the money honey! It’s always best to collect as many donations as possible prior to your event. That way all the hard-work is done and you can relax and enjoy time with your friends. Here are some ways to fundraise: 

- Customise your online fundraising page to suit your event and theme. Upload photos, videos and all the details of the event. You can also set a fundraising target amount and let your friends know how much to donate

- Share your fundraising page with friends you’ve invited, so they can stay in the loop and easily donate online

- Use your fundraising page to promote your event via Facebook, Twitter, or email. This opens it up to anyone else in your network should they also want to donate

- Jump on the phone to anyone who might not be online to ask if they’d like to donate

- Think outside the box and explain your event to local stores and companies. They might want to donate food, gifts to auction, items to include as prizes for raffles or even decorations for your event

- Check out our fundraising tips and using your fundraising page for more information


With your event date fast approaching, there are a number of ways you can bring it all together and make it feel extra special:

 - Check out our downloads page. There you’ll find plenty of posters, decorations and other resources you can print off to put up and make your big night come to life

- Check out our recipes page for some fun, delicious ideas. You might like to remind your friends of the theme or provide menu items and then enlist everyone to each bring a dish

- Your local $2 or discount shop usually stocks party plates, straws, cups and decorations. Or get crafty and make some decorations of your own


Whoop! The night has finally arrived and all your wonderful hard work has made it happen. Make sure you enjoy yourself and soak up some quality girl-time. Here are just a few last things to remember:

- Welcome and thank your friends for being a part of the night and for generously donating to help beat women’s cancers

- Be sure to have a donation box made up and on display for any easy, extra donations and for those who haven’t already donated online

- Snap lots of photos and share on social media so everyone can see what you’ve been up to! Tag your friends and hashtag #ourgirlsnightin so it can become part of our growing community in our Instagram Gallery

- Have fun!


When your Girls’ Night In event is over, remember to thank everyone who donated, sponsored or contributed to its success. There are a few ways you can choose to thank those involved:

Log-in to your fundraising page to easily send a thank you to everyone who donated

- If you had a Facebook event page, post a thank-you message which will automatically notify everyone

- Post a thank you and photos of your event to Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #ourgirlsnightin and tag everyone involved so they’re notified

- Send a group email or text, or post out personal Thank You cards available on the downloads page.


Now that your event is over, be sure to bank all the funds you’ve collected. The sooner you bank your funds, the sooner we can put them to work to help beat women’s cancers. You can easily do so by:

- Any cash funds collected in your donation box can easily be banked by filling out the deposit form from either your Host Kit or the downloads page at your local bank. Or you can keep the cash but bank the amount with your credit card online

- All online funds raised via your fundraising page will automatically go to Cancer Council and begin working to help beat women’s cancers. Check out bank your funds for more information or call 1300 65 65 85 for further help

- Raised $500 or more? Go you! Bank it by either of the above methods before Monday 14 November 2016 and you’ll automatically be in the draw to win a relaxing getaway to Port Douglas, thanks to our friends at QT Hotels. Full details here.