Jess Tovey

Actress Jess Tovey has been a regular on TV  programs including Wicked Science, Home & Away and most recently, Wonderland. The young star knows first hand the experience of having friends and family diagnosed with cancer.

“I'm supporting Cancer Council Girls' Night In for;

"My grandmother, who beat her breast cancer before I was born. I never heard her complain about it in her later years. She lived to 95.

“A friend and colleague; a real wonder woman. This year she fought her's off with strength, incredible humour and complete honesty. 

“My aunty. She's still fighting, despite it spreading. She is unflinching, stoic and still here against doctor’s odds. 

“And for a dear friend, who a few years ago lost her fight. She was too young and too talented and I think about her often.

“I'm supporting Girls' Night In because I don't want the world to lose one more fabulous lady, before her time.”