Imelda Sebastian

Imelda Sebastian


This year, Imelda Sebastian is hosting her third Girls’ Night In. Imelda was inspired to support the fundraising event after experiencing breast cancer first-hand. She also has several friends who have had cancer.

“I have become one of those that faced, fought and conquered cancer,” Imelda said.  “So I want to give back to the community by raising money towards helping find a cure and treatments so no other individual has to go through what I went through.” 

Imelda recommends starting an online supporter page and making a donation to show your commitment. She also suggests using social media to promote the event, including creating an event on Facebook.

“Tell your story to family and friends,” she said.  “Tell them why and what you are doing. Let your friends know what the money will go towards. Telling your story to family and friends and the event is all about celebration and honoring those that have or had cancer at one point in their life. ”

Imelda’s final word of advice for other hosts is to have fun. She said: “This is also an event of appreciation for the wonderful, continuous support from your group of family and friends.”